Piaf Inc. Resort Operations


Since July 1999 Piaf, Inc has operated Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins, a small 45 acre resort which is very convenient to Boulder and Estes Park, Colorado and about 1 hour north of Denver.

Stone Mountain Lodge

Our experience in computer software programming and internet marketing allowed us to promote this property when it was not common for small, non-chain hotels to have much of an internet presence. Over the years we have been able to meet the market changes, such as the changing dynamic of tourism.

One of the first accomplishments, in late 1999 - early 2000, was to create the StoneMountainLodge.com web-site and change a paper reservation system to a computerized system. At this point internet marketing was primarily from various paid lodging directory listings that pointed to our web-site.

After the Sept 11, 2001 attacks and the Colorado fires in the summer of 2002 we realized that group bookings were more successful and less likely to cancel, so we improved our offerings, policies, and web pages directed toward groups.

During the first few years we thoroughly redid the interiors and refurnished each of the 6 cabins. We did modest upgrades to the 15 lodge rooms as well. We knew that at some point the exteriors needed paint and the grounds needed to be improved.

Weddings were successful on the property but we desired a more lush venue to promote them. So, in 2006 we painted all the buildings, renovated the front entrance, redesigned the grounds with irrigated lawns, bridges, and an Arbor, and started planting over 150 trees and bushes. In 2007 we put up a 1800' custom designed reception tent for the summer and had the grounds and facilities to promote Weddings, primarily through internet marketing.

Around this time we also began targeted PPC marketing campaigns to promote weddings and vacations.

This history has directed us to both create and market a successful wedding and group venue at Stone Mountain Lodge. We not only monitor phone calls, but can monitor interest from an increasingly internet savvy consumer, almost immediately, by looking at real-time web-trends.

PiafInc.com is fully owned by Piaf, Inc., Boulder, CO., USA