About Piaf Inc.

Piaf, Inc. is a Boulder Colorado based company incorporated in 1989.

Today Piaf Inc. is primarily an Internet Marketing and Consulting firm that specializes in helping small businesses achieve success. Piaf, Inc, also develops and promotes its own websites.

Areas of hi-tech business for Piaf, Inc. have included computer software development, software consulting services, website development, and internet marketing.

Other areas of business include commercial real estate, resort operations, and wedding and event center operations.

Piaf Inc. has diverse expertise primarily in the following areas.

Piaf Inc. Prides itself in following trends, seeking new opportunities, developing new skills, and having fun doing it.


After a year and a half stint in Europe doing software for a French engineering firm, founder Peter Makuta took his years of software know-how and developed Surefire in 1989. Surefire was defined as a "smart document processor", and was ahead of its time. It integrated word processing, spreadsheet, and database functions within the pages of documents. Documents were hyper linked, very similar to how pages are linked on the World Wide Web today.

Over the first 10 years of Piaf, Inc., software consulting in object oriented programming, C and C++, and Java applications, were a significant part of it business.

When Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins was purchased in 1999, Piaf, Inc became the Operator of this Lodge business. Over the years, the mountain lodge and cabins has been transformed into a small resort and popular outdoor wedding venue. Internet marketing had very much to do with its ongoing success.

The inspiration for our company name and logo is attributed to the French singer Edith, Piaf, who was known as "the little bird". This satisfied the founders desire for a short unique and friendly name.

Our Web-Sites

Piaf, Inc. owns and publishes a variety of websites that are in various stages of development and promotion. These include the website for Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins which is a Resort and Outdoor Wedding business, a travel website, a wedding and relationship website, and various other affiliate websites.

About the Principals

Please see Who We Are for more information about the principal owners of Piaf, Inc.

Contact Us

The easiest way to contact us is via the following e-mail address.

E-Mail: IM@PiafInc.com

PiafInc.com is fully owned by Piaf, Inc., Boulder, CO., USA