What is the WordPress Platform?

A Great, Ever-Enhancing Web Development Environment

What is WordPress?

First we should explain what WordPress is. WordPress is an open-source CMS (content management system) that was originally designed for creating and supporting blogging web-sites. Open source means that any web developer has access to the internal codes and can customize their copy of the code as they wish for their own purpose.

Over the last few years, enhancements have made the platform robust enough for other types of web-sites such as ecommerce sites (i.e. sites that sell stuff).

The WordPress platform has a relatively short learning curve, however, we recommend that a professional WordPress web developer get this done for you. You will have a better, more polished result in far less time.

The Beauty of WordPress

The beauty of a WordPress site is that your web-site can be built in a straightforward manner, relatively quickly and can be customized for your needs. Then you can add content and post updates without asking your webmaster to do it.

If for some reason you want to change aspects of the site like layout or navigation or adding e-commerce support, the original designer or another WordPress designer can get the job done.

Plus adding backup support, web analytics, backup support and working the site to increase your traffic, among other things can be done at any time.