Why Have a Professional Build You a WordPress Web-Site?

You will get applause from your customers

The Advantages of a Professionally Built WordPress Website

WordPress was designed for blogging and so is very popular. The WordPress development platform is fairly easy to learn for someone with web programming experience. However, I wouldn't recommend that a do-it-yourselfer, with no programming experience, tackles this.

If you do attempt to build a website and you get stuck, then a professional can generally come to the rescue.

To learn more about WordPress, read the Article, What Is WordPress.

Your Site Can be Up and Running Quickly

The beauty of a WordPress site is that a professional web designer can build your site in a relatively straightforward manner, customize it for your needs. Also, You, the not-so-programming-savvy site owner can then add content and post updates.

If for some reason you want to change aspects of the site, the original designer or another WordPress designer can get the job done.

Plus, adding protective backup support, great web metrics like google analytics and traffic enhancers like SEO optimization, can be done quickly thanks to the myriad plugins written for WordPress.

What is the Cost to Create Your WordPress Website?

The cost of creating your site will depend primarily on five things:

  1. the number and size of the web-pages
  2. how fancy you want your graphics, photos and other media
  3. whether you will be selling things - is this an e-commerce site
  4. does your content already exist in publishable form
  5. will this be a port of an existing site or a brand-new site

For example, a personal blogging site with 10 pages should cost a lot less than a web store with a hundred page catalog.

Making Your Site Better Over Time

One of the greatest advantages of a WordPress site is that it is fairly straightforward for a web professional to take your simple website and add features and pages over time.