What We Do: Internet Marketing for Small Business

Our Goal is simple:

Increase Leads and Sales for Your Business from the Internet.

To do this, we focus on your website and your business to improve its presence on the internet in the most cost effective way.

As part of our services, we will work with you to identify opportunities, establish goals, and set priorities. We will tailor a plan to achieve specific results according to your budget.

And, we will stay focused to achieve the highest return for the money you spend on Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing based on ROI (Return On Investment) keeps us on track to make your business more profitable.

We thrive on results. We like to see things happen.

Our services and skills represent the Core Fundamentals of Internet Marketing needed to achieve any success.

The following summarizes our services and skills:

Instead of choosing from a menu of Internet Marketing Services, we will work with you and blend the expertise you need for your business, your situation and your budget. As a result, we focus our effort on what provides the best return for your money sooner.

Our consulting business does not develop websites or do graphic design, however we are generally able to make specific changes directly to your existing website. This may include changes to support PPC relevancy, SEO, improvements to copy writing and landing pages. We can also set up website analytics and PPC tracking. If you don't currently have a webmaster, we can also help with some of your specific updates as needed.

Our direct involvement in making changes to your website will depend on how your website is constructed, and whether you have a webmaster or web design service. In the latter case, we will work alongside your webmaster or service.

Industries We Serve

We work with all businesses that need results from an internet presence. Our direct involvement with Internet business, hi-tech business, and brick and mortar business, provide wide insight into the real business world.

Our first hand knowledge includes the following industries:

  • Independent Hotels and Resorts, Tourism
  • Wedding Venues, Events and Services
  • Computer and Electronic Products, Software, and Services
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Real Estate Investment
  • Affiliate Marketing and e-Commerce

If you are not familiar with Internet Marketing, or do have good knowledge of some aspects of internet marketing, or perhaps have your own AdWords PPC campaigns running, we can help support your goals. We will handle the complete job and free up your time, or work with you to get things going so you can proceed on your own.

Feel free to Contac Us with any questions and to get things going!

To learn more about our approach, please read our article "The True Goals of Internet Marketing: Leads and Sales".

We are located in Boulder, Colorado. For clients located in the Denver- Boulder area, we are happy to take advantage of the close proximity to meet personally. The better we know your business, the more effective we can be. If you market serves Colorado, including the Denver area or the Rocky Mountain area in general, we could also provide an advantage over other consulting companies outside the area.