Internet Maketing Sevices Pricing

Pricing and Consulting Fees

  • We like to keep pricing simple and predictable.

  • Based on your needs, clearly defined goals are always set before work begins.

We do not offer a menu of services and prices. Instead we work with you right up front to assure all of our effort is the most effective for your business, situation and budget.

To retain our time, payment is made in advance. This is how we can manage our time to be as efficient as possible when working on your project. It also assures you that there will be no surprises in billing. We will always set clear goals in advance before any hours are worked and your money is spent.

Free Initial Assessment

Once you contact us and provide us with some background about your business and situation, we will be glad to provide a free initial assessment. We may correspond via e-mail and/or phone so that you may be completely comfortable with our new relationship.

Once we understand your needs, we will provide you with a report summarizing what we see as the most effective course of action for your business, along with estimates of what it will take to produce initial results. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have, and discuss the results of our assessment, so that you are 100% on board with our direction.

Authorization and Payment

Once you are ready, you authorize us to start work with a signed proposal and payment.

You will then be scheduled into our work flow according to your payment. Work will begin based on the results of your initial assessment, and any specific direction you have already provided us.

Continued work, or follow-on tasks, proceed in a similar way. Our direction and work focus should always be clear to you before payment and work continue.

You may stop using our services at any time.

We will not continue work beyond payment, so you are always in control of your budget and timing.

Additional Costs

In addition to our consulting fees, you will be responsible for any other costs. This includes all advertising costs such as Adwords, Yahoo Sponsored Search, MSN Search, specific paid directory listings or ad placements. These costs will be billed directly to you. We do not charge based on ad spend, number of keywords, or any other measure. We only charge the hourly rate.

We will discuss specific advertising budgets and costs for your specific project. In general, initial ad spend for new PPC campaigns would be kept relatively small during initial campaign testing. You will always have control of your budget for ad spend.


We will provide you with a progress report after each month and a billing statement that accounts for our hours. We will also identify goals and estimates for the next month.

At a minimum, reporting will be done to clearly describe progress to you. We will report more or less detail as you see fit. If you would like to learn enough to continue improvements on your own in the future, we will be glad to work with you to achieve your goals.


Payment to us is made by verified check or credit card.

How to get started

You can be on your way to improving your on-line marketing with 3 easy steps:

1) Review the Information on Our Website.

We took great pains to describe how we can potentially help your business with our Internet Marketing expertise. We are not for everybody. If after reviewing this website, you feel that it is likely we have a good match, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2) Contact Us for a Free Initial Assessment.

Let us know that you are considering using our services, what your general goals may be, and the URL of your website. We will be glad to answer any questions, assess your website, and propose a general direction for your business. We can arrange to set up a specific time to talk over the phone, or use e-mail. There is no obligation, no hard sell, and no hype. Always feel free to Contact Us.

3) Make Your Initial Payment.

Once you decide to make use of our services, send us back your signed proposal with payment. This gets the ball rolling! Together we will set goals and begin work on improving your business.

There is never an obligation to continue with us. You may stop using our services at any time.