Online Marketing Goal is Sales

The True Goals of Internet Marketing: Leads and Sales

Being involved in business, you should have a good understanding of leads and sales. The general goal of marketing and advertising is to produce quality leads. Your website and your sales people then convert leads into sales.

So here is a more precise way to view it where a website is an integral part of the process: A visitor is someone who looks at your website. He somehow found your website and may, or may not, have any true interest in what you provide.

Whereas a lead is someone who visits your website, and has a relevant interest in possibly purchasing your product of service. Finally, a sale results from a lead that actually buys your product or service.

We use the internet to produce leads that convert into profitable sales.

As you probably already know, just having a website does not create leads. People need to find your website. It doesn't matter how slick it is. If no one can find it, it doesn't do a lot of good.

But, getting visitors to your website is not good enough!

Did you know that you can have the slickest looking website and pay good money for a lot of visitors, yet still get very few leads or sales, or even none at all?

All of the following are important factors in producing good leads:

  • The source of your internet traffic
  • Ad copy that brings visitors
  • Ad Placement
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Geo-targeting traffic
  • Specific Website Landing Pages
  • Copy writing
  • Website Visitor and Lead Tracking
  • Knowing the competitiveness of your market
  • Is the market currently declining or rising
  • Market Seasons
  • And of course, an appropriate website and web design

An understanding of these aspects of internet marketing, along with the technical expertise to implement them, is necessary to produce good leads for your business.

But a good flow of leads that convert to sales is not good enough either!

Marketing and advertising costs must result in sales being profitable. Tracking leads and sales, and knowing their costs, not only assures that sales are profitable; they drive efficiency in Internet Marketing.

It all comes down to this most important question: How much are you willing to pay for a lead that converts to a sale?

Answering the above question, with a valid dollar figure, combined with expertise in implementing effective Internet marketing techniques, assures success.

The power of Internet Marketing relies on obtaining precise knowledge of your online market, the technical knowledge for the implementation of effective Internet Advertising, and the ability to clearly track and measure results. This is the formula for success.

This is what drives us. We never stop thinking about leads and sales!

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